About the Trust

The Buccleuch Living Heritage Trust (registered charity number SC014915) was established in 2010 to support the advancement of historic, artistic, architectural and aesthetic education. It was created from two existing charities, established in the 1980s by the Buccleuch family: The Buccleuch Heritage Trust and The Living Landscape Trust. The result was a single charity that united land, art, history and buildings of huge historic importance.

Preservation and conservation

The Trust owns Dalkeith Palace in Midlothian and leases two of the Buccleuch family homes and their surrounding gardens: Boughton House, based in Northamptonshire and Bowhill House in the Scottish Borders. The Buccleuch family work closely with the Trust to ensure the charitable objectives are met and that the Houses are not only publicly accessible today, but are preserved for the future too as an important part of British history.

Education and accessibility

The Trust’s work is promoted through education and access to the properties under its care, including one of the world’s most significant private art collections. All proceeds from admission fees and events go back into the Trust, to ensure the highest standards of conservation and display. The Trust has a great responsibility and is committed to the long-term preservation of the Houses and important works of art and furniture they contain.

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