Creative Writing Project

Schools Workshops

Students at Hawthorn School took part in creative writing workshops at St Edmund’s Church. Inspired by the monuments, they wrote some beautiful poems. The workshops were lead by local poet Kezzabelle. 

Sense of the Montagu Monuments
Grand, ancient, pearl still life
Frozen in time.
Captured words and thoughts spoken
Salt secrets carved in stone mime.

Ornate garlands festooned and strewn
Amongst ice marble skin, feathers and folds.
Snowdrop silky to touch,
Draped family forms deathly cold.

Silent, recumbent trumpets
Loudly proclaiming tales of the past,
Quietly echoing the mysteries of histories
Cloaked behind satin masques.

Written by Kezzabelle Ambler

Royally worn the coronet of old,
Fruitful colours in a field of gold.
Flowing waterfall of velvet so grand,
Radiant beams seen throughout the land.
Royalty screaming from the reflections of light,
As a graceful swan in its joyous first flight.
Every edge and curve perfect in every way,
Glimmering, shimmering, giving sunshine rays.

Written by Elize

Creamy chocolate smells crawling up my nose,
Huge piles of beautifully shaped silky snow,
Formed like lush, sweet, giant marshmallows,
Ice white, feathery pillows cold to the touch.
Death shows in a ghostly statue whilst birds whistle

Written by Gethin


Statues taste frost like, running down fronds
Diminutive snowflakes crystallise
Whilst icy wind travels slashing against pale cheeks.
Angels like serene swans with ruffled feathers,
Silent beauty seeking the depths of your mind.
Feels as silky as meringue,
A hard outer but when broken
Becomes alive with vibrations of drama.
The smell of sweet white roses wafting up our noses,
Ancient torn petals lost through history.
A single moment from a life time of memories.

Written by Melissa

The gentle smell of frankincense
Surrounds the ancient tomb.
Pearly cloth draping,
Shimmering in the moon.

The silence of death envelops it
Like an island lost at sea
Tastes like toffee bonbons,
Feels just right to me.

Written by Sophie

The Statues

Delicious crystalline chocolate waterfall cascades,
They stand like proud, majestic lions.
Sounding like a distant echo from the past,
Like a perfect chiselled cloud.
The statues smell like lavender scented garlands
Intermingled with salty tears.

Written by Holly

Wonderful world, chimes ringing,
My ears are full.
Fabric rushing, glimpses of beauty
Cascading waterfall.

Sapphire pianos play enchanted purple fire,
Feathers weaving ways through mind.
Frothing soapy bubble baths
Tragic endings – they’re trying to be kind.

Dandelion blurs into the final focus
Magical pillows floating, mixed up mind.
Silvery, mystical shimmering thoughts,
Trying to leave this all behind.

Written by Kate

I am different, different to the others,
Diverse personalities.
There is no key for me,
I have no lock.
I am a chamber of secrets,
Like a spider spinning a web,
Sometimes tangling up,
Like a soup of many ingredients,
Swimming around freely.
We are unlimited
Just do things right not wrong …
Or we’ll be punished
Or … Stuck in that sticky web.
In sorrow, out of control,
Better still,
Let’s be cheerful
Freely roaming in a candy land
After all we’re not that different
We are similar,
We have so much in common.

Written by Vali

Montagu Coronet
Grand coronet regally perched upon my head,
Sitting tall.
Heavy, rich, velvety fabric but light as a feather.
Marble smooth edges satin to the touch.
Silky pillowcase fringe
flowing down like an elegant waterfall.
Smelling sweet as tulips.

Written by Grace

Glossy, glorious and golden
Mary you are so devout.
With your subjects all adoring you,
I could let your secrets out.

As girls, we played together
Sharing everything we had.
Now as fully grown women
I’m perceived as bad.

But what about you, dear Mary
Always seen as the good one.
You are a contradiction
Even to God’s own son.

Written by Liz Blakeley